Why we exist

We are a premium music consulting company being fully geared to assist SME's and large corporations within the entertainment and hospitality industry in Asia and beyond. We consult on sound installations & music decor portfolios for commercial F&B operations. MMA, has an  experienced team who can provide the right solutions to the many problems related to music decor & sound architecture.

The Team at Matrix Media Agency understand, from experience, that quality music and professional sound equipment & speakers are essential in any space, whether its a spa, 5 star hotel lobby or an alfresco dining area. Sound and Music are as important to an F&B venue as the food itself.

We've racked up 20 years of ongoing customer service, onsite consultations, and face to face visits with all our clients, to ensure that they will be well informed of the best choices of sound solutions and music portfolios.

The MMA team is able to solve the common problems and issues related to inconsistencies with music playback quality, software/hardware applications and broadcasting within the architecture.

Our Matrix Music Player hardware is state of the art. Unlike Android media boxes, our devices are100% dedicated music players, with NO other unnecessary background software or apps to clog the operation which will always unexpectedly shutdown Android media devices. Our players can stream effortlessly and /or be a fully automated standalone, with full internal music and playlist storage options. The Swiss designed, professional, commercial grade device, has robust hardware and dedicated patented software all within its tamper-proof case.  These devices simply retrofit into any location where an iPod or other device was housed. They are low energy and provide 24 hour operation. All the player software, systems and control is performed remotely so that your team can focus on their duties. Great for Hotels!

We have various solutions to music licensing. Firstly, we specialise in providing music that has international certification that comes under the "Creative Commons" license platform and this would be exclusively licenced for your project/property. This license option is "COLLECTION FEE EXEMPT" from the below mentioned **Performance Right agencies and others too. We can advise you on where and how to obtain alternative (and more costly) registration and purchase these licenses from the authorised Performance Rights agency within your territory **(APRA, MCSC, PPSEAL, CASH etc), so you can broadcast the music in your venue or outlet.  Contact us for more details.

If you are planning to build a property or you are already in the process of construction, Matrix Media Agency can also provide comprehensive consulting services for your complete music and sound portfolio from the start.

Matrix Media Agency has over 60 years of music experience collectively, and has been working extensively in the hospitality industry for 20 years. Our success is measured through our premium brand client base. Today our client list has grown to over 20 companies and brands. Our services receive high praise of which has been the direct result of having an experienced talented production team.

We have a dedicated programming team who come from China, Hong Kong, UK and Australia. They all have varied levels of music education and understand the concepts of music in public spaces. MMA has expert knowledge of the Asia Pacific region, so when we consult with clients on the music decor that reflects the region and culture. Our specialist Music Decor Team can also develop original signature music pieces for your promotional and advertising projects.

Matrix Media Agency has the corporate know-how &  a high level creativity. An important factor with our business is MMA provides a continuous SERVICE regime for our clients that leaves no one stranded!

What we offer

We are super pleased with the music provided for our restaurant

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Sub Solo Group - Sydney

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