Matrix Media Agency has a dedicated team of music specialists who will be able to design & create the best music portfolio for your project. Match this with the best service and on going support our competitors only dream of !

We are a premium music service supplier. We support SME's and large corporations within the entertainment and hospitality industry in Asia and beyond. We are a collective of producers, deejays and musicians with over 40 collective years of music experience, from radio, club deejay, live bands & concert/festival production. MMA has an  experienced team, who can provide the accurately researched solutions to the many problems related to music decor & sound architecture for your project.  

Why we exist »

Our services include music consulting for all types of themes, corporate or leisure, for long term or short term projects. We specialise in all music genres from Asia, Europe and the Americas. Our team of expert consultants will visit your property and discuss your needs regarding your music portfolio. We will advise you on the best choices of hardware for music broadcasting, sound architecture and much more.

What we offer »

Matrix Media Agency has a dedicated team of music consultants who will be able to assist you and create a unique program for you based on your requirements.

Crucially and most importantly -
WE PROVIDE ON GOING SERVICE AND SUPPORT for all our clients; no one is left behind!

Who to contact »

Matrix Media Agency is continuously working on projects throughout South East Asia. Currently our team is working with the Hyatt hotel brand in China and other areas of South East Asia. Apart from the Hyatt group we have are also a preferred supplier for Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong.

For more than 20 years we have been providing music services for the Hyatt hotel group across 5 different countries in South East Asia.

We were the AV & Music consultants for the special Linkedin Christmas event in Hong Kong in the past couple of years.

2022 is the Year of the Tiger and as usual we are moving forward fast with some exciting new projects in China and around Asia

Recent Experiences

Clients and Brands »


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